guanaja view from north east point on island
northeast point on Guanaja
photo by Luis Feldman

Local guanaja Bloggers

The bloggers are truly the only way we have been able to hear of happenings and developments on the island.  Below is a representative list of the ones that we know.  If you want to be added send us an email and we will be happy to add you.

  • Feather Ridge - The most active blog by a woman who lives on Guanaja and calls herself Guanaja Sharon. She writes about her day to day life on the island and her life. She loves living on the island and all the quirkiness that goes along with it.
  • La Gringa's Blogicito - La Gringa lives in La Ceiba but is one of the more active bloggers. It's fun to read the happenings on the mainland from her.
  • Scuba Guanaja - No recent blog posts, but great island photos from a local divemaster who shares his underwater adventures online.