guanaja reef break from north east point of island
reef break on east end
photo by Luis Feldman

Guanaja Quick Facts

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  • Pronunciation - gwa-na'-'ha
  • Location - about 18 miles east of Roatan and 30 miles north of the mainland of Honduras (16° 24′ 0″ N, 85° 54′ 0″ W)
  • Size - about 3x11 miles
  • Population - about 10,000 total of which the majority lives on Bonacca
  • Climate - Year-round temperatures hover around 80 with the rainy season starting in October and usually lasting until December or January
  • Where to find the locals - 3 villages called Bonacca, Mangrove Bight, and Savannah Bight
  • Vegetation - A little of everything - Lush, mountainous, rugged, and more dry
  • Highest Peak - one peak rises to almost 1,400 feet
  • Activities - diving (45 dive sites of Guanaja), snorkeling, deep sea and flats fishing, hiking, waterfall trekking, relaxing on any of the beautiful beaches